News Roundup

The WSJ (sub. req'd) has this report: CPI up, wages flat; and this piece on legal weblogs. No mention of CL&EL (; Also, Boeing settles a sex-bias suit.
Will Wal-Mart get caught up in this settlement trend? [Not unless it really starts looking bad is my guess.]
The Sacramento Bee has this report on the status of State Fund going forward after the Schwarzenegger work/comp reform
Port business is boom, swelling the ILWU's ranks. The LA Times reports.

Brown University, NLRB No. 1-RC-21368

Last week, the NLRB handed down a decision reversing their decision in NYU holding that graduate students are "employees" at private universities (NLRA doesn't cover state employers.)
The central rationale seems to be that the relationship between students and the univeristy is "educational" and not "economic." (Does this problematize post-doc fellowship appointments, etc.? are professors on tenure-track "primarily economic" in their relationship vis-a-vis a university?)