Slow News Week Picks Up!

Finally! Some interesting news... (in my narrow band here, anyway--the world is full of interesting news right now)

The Fresno Bee reports that the new workers' comp law is putting the squeeze on chiropractors:
Statewide, chiropractors say new limits on visits and much-stricter guidelines for treatment have resulted in as much as a 70% cut in chiropractic treatment.
A class action suit against Dennys restaurants can proceed, the Supreme Court ruled, according to California law, where vacation is earned wage. The Chronicle reports.
Denny's allows employees to start earning vacation time from their first day of work, but doesn't pay them for accrued time if they leave in less than a year for an hourly employee, or less than six months for a salaried employee. Gard said the policy violates California law, which considers an employer's vacation benefits to be the equivalent of wages that can't be forfeited.
Yikes! CLEL would never have counseled them to do that. Dennys argued that their vacation plan was covered by ERISA.

Jesse Jackson spoke to striking hotel workers in San Francisco yesterday, the Chronicle reports. Mayor Newsom asked for a cooling off period, where workers would return to work during negotiations. A federal mediator will be in later this week. The strike is about a rise in health care premiums to be paid by the workers.