Trop v. Sony Pictures Entertainment, Inc.

Plaintiff's statements that she had a fibroid removed and that she was hoping to become pregnant did not establish that employer was aware of pregnancy, and employee’s statement to employer at Christmas party that "[i]t looks like I get to have one of these," referring to a baby, was too ambiguous to place employer on notice of pregnancy. (However, the court notes in a footnote that Plaintiff didn't complain she was fired for attempting to become pregnant.)

2d Dist., Div. 5 No. B174101

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King v. Tri-City Medical Center

This one is really more for the "interesting and sort of funny" file than for the practice hotsheet. The plaintiff checked the wrong box on her DFEH complaint, and, as a result, the Court of Appeal held that her case was dead.

While it's amazing how much a little checkbox can matter, it's also amazing how much courts can disagree. Courts have gone the other way too.