Oh, NOW you end it (=

So, the lockout ends in San Francisco. Thanks guys. No way you could have gotten that done in time for my conference? (= Those scab maids had no idea how to do a room. Seriously. Apparently, the honchos at the management companies agreed. [No, of course I don't seriosly expect any of this done on my timetable.]

Workers' Comp judge files a workers' comp case after death threat. Cue Alanis. It's ironic. The Sacramento Bee reports.
California's 150 workers' compensation judges are six times more likely to file on-the-job injury cases than their judicial counterparts in state government, a Bee investigation has found.
Six times more? Attention appeals court judges: file claims for tongue whiplash after intense colloquy. Is that amount attributable to just knowing their rights alone? Do Superior Court judges not know their rights?