Mission Statement

This legal weblog (b-law-g) is dedicated to issues of labor and employment law in California. A finer definition than that would render this discription over- and under-inclusive.

I plan to include more than case law summaries and analysis. Law and lawsuits don't exist in a bubble. There are political and economic forces at work that shape them. To the extent I believe there is a causal nexus, those things will be covered as well. This will include at a minimum, tracking and discussions of pending bills in the legislature (and, sometimes, in Congress), and discussions of economic indicators that are relevant.

I am going to do my best to give objective, neutral commentary on these issues. This means I won't be championing issues on the side of the plaintiff's bar or the industry side. That's not the point. There are thousands of blogs that amount to an un-edited, narrowly read op-ed page.

This is also not a blawg of record. Not every issue will be documented, largely because they are already so well documented. Just to give an example, the Wal-Mart case is causing a big buzz in the employment law world right now, but there's nothing really that earth shattering from a practitioner's point of view.

I am leaving comments open for now, and I invite them--from any side of the issue. Letting others voice their comments on the issue will provide interesting insight to the reactions of all sides, but, again, I won't be championing any side here.

Update: This site has received the ok from the firm, so I will no long be anonymous. My name is Jon Storm. I practice labor and employment law in San Luis Obispo, CA.