AB 2832 Takes Next Step; UCL Reform Compromise?

AS MENTIONED Wednesday, the Legislature is considering enacting its own minimum wage hike. The Senate has voted on, and passed the measure, AB 2832. The 22-14 vote is not enough to get it passed a veto. The Governor has not taken a position yet. [CLEL notices in at least one place in the Labor Code, in Section 1194.2, the relief is granted as to any "payment of a wage less than the minimum wage fixed by an order of the commission." (Emphasis added.)—more work for the courts!] The Bee reports.

United Airlines is trying to cancel its pension plans. The LA Times reports.

Via The UCL Practitioner: "SB 185. . .is now slated to be reworked to include changes to 17200, the state's unfair competition law, according to sources familiar with the legislation." As of this writing, this change hasn't yet occurred. CLEL will keep tabs. [CLEL wonders what the chances of this going through are since money and efforts have already been spent on a stronger Proposition 64. That said, Prop. 64 is struggling mightily in early polls. Maybe that's all the leverage required.]