Legislative Marathon Continues

Lots of news today...

The minimum wage bill (AB 2832) is headed for the Governor's desk. The LA Times reports.

Another bill, one that slipped through CLEL's wide legislative scans (guffaw) is also headed for the Governor's desk. This one (SB 1841) requires employers to notify employees before monitoring employee email or tracking employee web site use. The Chronicle reports.

Continuing the legislative marathon, an outsourcing bill (AB 1821) passes an heads for the Gov. This bill apparently goes against both industry and a PPI report on its beneficial effects for California workers. The Times reports.

[CLEL would bet on all three of these being vetoed, especially SB 1841.]

The Times has another article on UCL reform, but there is no actual change to the bill, SB 185.

The Bee has an editorial on the prison guards' CBA.

Happy Tuesday.