Train Thyself! & Hotel Strike at a Stalemate

The Governor did not veto a bill (AB 1825) requiring sexual harassment training for supervisors in companies with more than 50 employees. It does not go into effect until 2006. [CLEL notes that anyone expecting a veto on this one only need look back to the recall campaign - does he really want to revive the groping meme? Plus, how many companies with 50 or more employees aren't already doing this? Apparently not enough for Gov. Schwarzenegger to think this is a "job killer."]

Back to the front ... in San Francisco, the hotel strike continues, as the SF Chronicle reports. You'll never guess what the sticking point is. . .
The hotels have asked for a five-year contract that would sharply increase
workers' health insurance premiums. The union wants a two-year contract that would expire in 2006, which would synchronize its next round of negotiations with talks in other cities.
Health insurance? I can't imagine that. CLEL doesn't have a solution for this, but recognizes one is needed!