The Chronicle has this personal story piece on the hotel lockout.

Class-action age discrimination suit against Vons coming soon? The Fresno Bee reports.

Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board, Workers Compensation Appeals Board, Agricultural Labor Relationsh Board, and Cal-OSHA official told "they'll be back" from 9-5. The LA Times reports.

A group of injured workers has filed a legal challenge to the recent workers' compenstaion reform. The LA Times reports.

Currently, an injured worker is allowed to choose any doctor after the first month of treatment is completed. After Jan. 1, a worker will have to pick from a pool of doctors who belong to tightly controlled physician networks organized by companies or insurers.The suit maintains that the new rule should be applied only to people hurt on the job after Jan. 1. The suit filed in Sacramento by the California Applicants' Attorneys Assn. names as defendants the state Division of Workers' Compensation and Director Andrea Hoch.