Assemblyman Disses New Regs

The Sacramento Bee reports.
State labor officials say they are simply providing choices for employees who want to work through meal breaks and leave early, rather than take a 30-minute breather in the middle of their shift.

"Frankly, I think this proposal is simply an attempt to usurp power from the Legislature and other public entities, and to consolidate it within the administration," said Koretz, D-West Hollywood.

And here's a puzzling comment. "Wednesday's hearing was the latest twist in what has become a recurrent theme at the Capitol: allegations that Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is taking a heavy-handed approach to labor unions." As far as I know, meal periods are not one of the things that can be bargained away in a CBA, so I don't see how that affects unions per se.

Also, "seven former employees of Thunder Valley Casino have filed a civil suit alleging sexual harassment, age and sex discrimination and wrongful termination." The Bee reports. (It's hard to beat the Bee for California issues.) I think this will be an interesting and important development, ie to see how these turn out.

NLRB finds LA area hotels' declaration of an impasse was illegal. The Los Angeles Times reports.