California Assembly Bill Tracking

A summary of employment and (non-public) labor related bills in the legislature.

CLEL will be tracking the minimum wage bills (AB 48, SB 174, and SB 862) as well as AB 879, which requires employers' presence at DLSE hearings. CLEL will keep its eyes on everything else, but these have piqued our interest right now.

AB 48 - Shell to raise minimum wage.

AB 57 - (Postpoened hearing) - Modification to prevailing wage calculations.

AB 169 - (Postponed hearing) - Increase in penalties for gender-based unequal pay.

AB 222 - (In commitee) - Changes enforcement of prevailing wages from awarding agency to DLSE.

AB 364 - (In committee) - Modifies definition of "public works."

AB 391 (In committee) - Would allow unemployment to workers involved in a trade dispute.

AB 419 - (In committee) - Modification to young artist comepnsation scheme.

AB 474 - () - Would change calculation of prevailing wages.

AB 553 - () - Would require change in calculation of overtime in prevailing wages.

AB 510 - (In committee) - Would require the Labor Commissioner to establish a proof of coverage program to detect unlawfully insured employers.

AB 551 - (In committee) - Would change the status of employment agencies for domestic workers to non-employers in certain situations.

AB 640 - (In commitee) - Allows certain employees to be exempt from alternative workweek schedule.

AB 673 - (In committee) - Nonsubstantive changes to Labor Code.

AB 674 - (In committee) - Nonsubstantive changes to Labor Code.

AB 775 - () - Changes in penalties for rest poeriod violations in garment and agricultural workers.

AB 822 - Technical changs to acceptable forms of payments.

AB 875 - State oversight of alternative workweek elections.

*** AB 879 - Failure to appear at DLSE hearing would prevent employer from de novo appeal in superior court.

AB 904 - Allows an individual to exempt herself from alternative workweek under certain conditions.

AB 985 - Would forbid employers from discriminating against active duty called-up National Guard employees.

AB 1012 - Technical changes to overtime statute.

AB 1093 - Tehcnical changes to rules regarding payment of wages.

AB 1255 - Tehcnical changest to overtime statute.

AB 1311 - Would allow services of DLSE complaints in same manner as civil.

AB 1626 - Extends definition of employee to include former employees for purposes of requiring production of employee file. (Isn't this already the case?)

AB 1709 - "Plain language" workplace posters.

SB 101 - (Returned to comm. after second reading) - Changes to pay stub rules.

SB 174 - (In committee) - Shell bill to increase minimum wage.

SB 184 - (In committee) - Talent agency bonding requirements.

SB 285 - (In committee) - Changes requirements for payment upon termination.

SB 862 - (In commitee) - Immediate minimum wage bill.

SB 940 - (In commitee) - Changes the prevailing wage law re: residential projects.