Top 10 Funny Employment Law Cases

From Law.com via Blawg Republic:

I like #7, maybe because I just made a joke about blonde's being a protected class earlier this week...

7. The 7th Circuit has ruled that punitive damages awarded to an employee in Lust v. Sealy Inc., a sex discrimination case, were excessive. Tracy Lust was promoted by Sealy to a position in its Madison, Wis., office two months after being passed over for a position in its Chicago office -- and shortly after she filed a charge with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The court pointed out that her supervisor "had a history of making sexist remarks to Lust such as 'You're being a blonde again today.'" But the usually dour Judge Richard A. Posner, in a rare moment of levity, quipped: "Lust is blonde; Sealy points out irrelevantly that blondes are not a statutorily protected class, which will disappoint hair colorists."