2005 Legislative Summary [Draft]

Only a few employment-related bills made it through the legislative process this year. This is mostly a reflection of the split government. Remember, to an outside observer, California politics is polarized on a coprorate/union axis with other interest groups not holding nearly as much sway.

AB 1093 allows for final "termination pay" to be made by direct deposit to a bank with a location in California, even if not headquartered here. It also clarifies some aspects of a computer programmer's exemption from overtime rules. Nothing too big here.

AB 1311 harmonizes service rules between DLSE hearings and civil suits. No biggie either.

SB 101 is discussed below--only put the last 4 digits of a social on a pay stub!

Sb 184 ups a talent agencies bond requirement to $50,000. Hmph.

The gridlock in Sacramento has succeeded in doing one thing: limiting the amount of topics for people like me to speak about to potential clients in the spring. There really isn't that much change in the law this year. I think that's a good thing--so we can let all of the rapid change in the past few years sink in.

2005 -- that's a wrap. I'll keep my ears open for a veto overried on minimum wages, but otherwise, 2005 legislative updates are done.

UPDATE: Littler's summary is here.