DFEH To Promulgate Sexual Harassment Training Regs

Jackson Lewis has the scoop, here.

AB 1825, the law that requires employers with more than 50 employees to train their managers on sexual harassment, is now in effect. But with the little guidance it gets, I’ve had a lot of questions. Who can do the training? Can you do the training? What does it have to cover? Who is a supervisor according to this law? Etc. etc.

Hopefully these regulations will provide some guidance. According to the article linked above, California licensed attorneys can do the training (all-righty then). The trainer should be able to cover:

(A) what is unlawful harassment;
(B) how to intervene when harassing behavior occurs in the workplace;
(C) how to report harassment complaints;
(D) how to respond to a harassment complaint;
(E) how to investigate harassment complaints and an employer's obligation to do so;
(F) the illegality of retaliation for filing a harassment complaint and how to prevent retaliation from occurring when an employee has filed a harassment complaint; and
(G) the employer's anti-harassment policy.